Build Newcastle Live 2015



This 48-hour [12 noon on 16th March 2015 to 12 noon on 18th March 2015] design collaboration event required each participating team to design a mixed-use development capable of inspiring and nurturing engineering innovation in a regeneration area of Newcastle. Newcastle was one of the locations selected as part of the Build Earth Live series of events which aim to promote and develop collaborative working practices worldwide. Material required to be submitted via the supplied CDE at the end of the 48 hours included; coordinated IFC files, federated BIM model, presentation images, technical assessments and a short movie.

Project Details

In the spirit of collective collaboration and development, we shared design and project management activities as necessary to develop an initial concept and develop it into the submission design.

Over the course of the 2 days, we developed the following coordinated deliverables within a shared Common Data Environment:

  • Initial mass and conceptual models
  • Cost Plans & Assessments
  • Architectural model in two volumes [internal and external] and later joined
  • MEP Model & associated analysis reports
  • Landscape Model
  • Structural model in two volumes [sub-structure car-park & super-structure frame]
  • Presentation material

PIM Smart contributed mainly to the external architectural volume and development of the final submission material.

Our team was delighted to take away the award for ‘Best use of BIM for Design, Drama & Excitement’ from the competition. A short video of our team presentation at the awards ceremony summarising our collective experience is available here.

Project Team

The project team comprised mainly of Northern Ireland multi-discipline industry practitioners and academics working under the BIM Region NI [NI BIM Hub at the time] banner as a positive collective experience to learn more about the use of common data environments and to generally develop BIM Level 2 skills within a safe environment. We were also joined by two remote associates who had joined the competition as individuals and paired with our team.

Research Paper

Following from our team success at Build Newcastle Live, PIM Smart co-authored a paper on our learnings and experiences from the competition which was presented at the CITA BIM Gathering in November 2015. It is due for publication in an International Journal in the immediate future.