Lagan Weir Bridge, Belfast


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Develop 3D model and technical design of aluminium cladding façade & soffit to bridge and generate associated manufacturing and installation details

Utilising the structural fabricators [M Hasson & Sons] 3D model as a base reference, we developed the 2D architectural design for the cladding panels into a 3D model and coordinated the model with the steel layout to develop the technical layout and design for the cladding panels and support framework. Utilising customised information generated within the model, we generated all dimensions and schedules directly from the Information Model which were used to liaise with the cladding supplier, EDM Spanwall, and Roofscape in developing detailed shop & technical drawings for manufacture and installation.

This was a particularly beneficial application of 3D modelling and BIM processes as the curving nature of the bridge [in both plan and elevation] and variable width made it impossible to fully comprehend the design using static 2-Dimensional views. Coordinating the cladding system with the overall design intent, structural steel, balustrade and pavement layouts along with all the culmination of associated tolerances resulted in the majority of the individual panels having unique dimensions. Through information modelling processes, we generated and conveyed a highly accurate technical design & layout which facilitated complimentary accurate manufacturing of the panels by EDM Spanwall and precise installation in-situ by Roofscape.

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Department for Social Development

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AECOM | Graham