QUB School of Law, Belfast

[2015 – 2016]

Our Client


PIM Smart’s Services

Develop and maintain 3D Information Model of external inulation & rainscreen cladding, technical design, layout and works installation details

Utilising the architect’s BIM as a base reference, we developed a coordinated 3D model for the cladding works and generated all technical layouts, details and installation documentation within same. The project involved the use of two different rainscreen cladding systems for which we scheduled out all quantities, dimensions and manufacturing/installation details from the model.

This project benefitted greatly from the application of 3D modelling and BIM processes as there were multiple locations of rainscreen cladding on different building volumes, planes and levels. The information model facilitated clear management and visual reference of different works areas during design and construction works.

Project Client

Queens University Belfast

Design Team | Main Contractor

Todd Architects | Felix O’Hare