South Tyrone Hospital, Dungannon

[2013 – 2014]

Our Clients

Roofscape | Brendan Loughran & Sons

PIM Smart’s Services

Coordinate & develop technical design and installation of external works for Roofscape and for the wider team on behalf of the main contractor

We developed the technical layout and detailing of the external insulation and rainscreen system with Roofscape and the manufacturer [EDM Spanwall] whilst liaising with the main contractor [Brendan Loughran & Sons], curtain wall contractor [OAS] and zinc cladding specialist [Edgeline] to develop up coordinated construction details for the entire external works.

This project particularly involved extensive on-site surveying and installation coordination to ensure the new envelope design could be suitably hosted by the existing brick walls which were considerably off-plumb and off-square in several key locations.

As part of our own internal development, we also generated a 3D visualisation model of the building & re-clad works and carried out some thermal surveying of the works demonstrating the performance enhancements of the new external envelope.

Project Client

Southern Health & Social Care Trust

Design Team | Main Contractor

Teague & Sally | Brendan Loughran & Sons