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BIM – What you need to know!

The 3 letters in the acronym BIM are subject to much confusion and debate within the construction industry. Depending on the context in which it is used, BIM can potentially mean:

  • Building Information Model [thing]
  • Building Information Modelling [process]
  • Building an Information Model [activity]
  • Building Information Management
  • Building Information Modelling & Management
  • Better Information Management
  • All of the above!

BIM-Boozled? Amidst all the technical jargon and acronyms involved in BIM, it is important to bear in mind that BIM is a value creating process involving implementation of more efficient working practices – better work, not more work!

BIM is a way of working so our advice, ignore the subjective acronym BIM and instead focus on the objective processes that Building Information Modelling entails!

In the UK [and accepted generally in Europe] the objective BIM process is laid out in a suite of 8 interlinked documents, standards & protocols [often referred to as the ‘8 Pillars of BIM’] – known as UK BIM Level 2 – which are in turn built on a foundation standard for collaborative working. Check out our BIM Section for more information.

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